Will robots displace humans as motorised vehicles ousted horses?

economist.com – IN THE early 20th century the future seemed bright for horse employment. Within 50 years cars and tractors made short work of equine livelihoods. Some futurists see a cautionary tale for humanity in the fate of the horse: it was economically indispensable until it wasn’t. The common retort to such concerns is that humans are far more cognitively adaptable than beasts of burden. Yet as robots grow more nimble, humans look increasingly vulnerable.

Stripe opens its Atlas program to US-based startups

techcrunch.com – A little over a year ago, Stripe introduced its Atlas program as a way to help international entrepreneurs get incorporated and set up with everything they’d need to do business in the U.S. Now the payments startup is opening up the program as a way to facilitate company creation for founders that are already here.

Kreditech Learns to Innovate Like a Startup, and Work Like a Bank

redherring.com – Kreditech’s high-flung office offers a spectacular, 360-degree view of its hometown of Hamburg. That is, when it is sunny. When Red Herring visited the fintech firm’s HQ earlier this year, the German city was enveloped in snow. One could barely see the next building–let alone the spires, ships and sights of a globally vital port city.

Ethereum: The not-Bitcoin cryptocurrency that could help replace Uber

mashable.com – 2017 has been a big year for Bitcoin: its highest price ever, a major disappointment from the SEC for No. 1 Bitcoin fans the Winkelvoss twins, and, for a moment, a value higher than gold. But another cryptocurrency has been quietly growing in volume while everyone was focused on Bitcoin. Ethereum, which is kind of like Bitcoin but slightly nerdier and more complicated, edged up against Bitcoin in its daily volume earlier this …

AI is the new UI

accenture.com – The simpler, smarter interactions artificial intelligence makes possible are great for consumers, and drive big wins for enterprise. What will AI do for you? Find out in the 2017 Technology Vision.

How will virtual reality transform workplace training?

itproportal.com – Virtual reality has a number of real-world applications in the business world that have yet to be realised. As with everything in the business world, from Fintech and blockchain changing the banking sector to AI making inroads into customer service across a range of industries, if there’s a problem – the tech industry has a solution.

Bitcoin won’t get mainstream» 

I agree that there is a high enthusiasm regarding the use of bitcoins for making payments, but actually it’s not the coin itself that deserves the appreciation, but the technology behind it: the blockchain (or the idea of using distributed ledgers). But more on that in a future post. The bitcoin ecosystem is unfortunately flawed. W/out getting into technicalities it simply cannot scale up in order to be able to sustain massive-multiple concurrent transactions (per …

Life in Pi

I’ve recently read how Pi (as its digits are infinite, being an irrational number) could contain any number that you can think of, that is, every and any possible finite sequence (for example my birthday is found at position 12’474’857; find yours: here). Obviously, the date of birth is rather a short string, but if you think that any finite sequence could occur somewhere in Pi, this means that not only your birth date is …