Virtual Reality Projected to Become a $7 Billion Business This Year, Hit $75 Billion by 2021

More than 65 percent of all VR revenues will come from headset sales this year, according to Greenlight. Consumer content will make up for around 12 percent, and VR cameras will make up another 11.6 percent. Over the next five years, the revenue split will slowly shift, with enterprise — think VR for construction companies, education etc. — making up for 24.2 percent of all revenue in 2021.

How will virtual reality transform workplace training? – Virtual reality has a number of real-world applications in the business world that have yet to be realised. As with everything in the business world, from Fintech and blockchain changing the banking sector to AI making inroads into customer service across a range of industries, if there’s a problem – the tech industry has a solution.