Bitcoin won’t get mainstream» 

I agree that there is a high enthusiasm regarding the use of bitcoins for making payments, but actually it’s not the coin itself that deserves the appreciation, but the technology behind it: the blockchain (or the idea of using distributed ledgers). But more on that in a future post.

The bitcoin ecosystem is unfortunately flawed. W/out getting into technicalities it simply cannot scale up in order to be able to sustain massive-multiple concurrent transactions (per unity of time) as we already have in our global financial system. If you know how a new bitcoin transaction is validated you understand what I mean.

As simple as that. We could debate that it could work within clusters that could be used as peers of peers, in order to allow the validation of a new transaction in a timely manner, but this will probably generate broadcasting problems between clusters..

So no, sorry, (this) bitcoin won’t be the coin of the future.

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