Ever wondered what happened to Matthew Epstein’s quest of getting a job at Google? (

Well, in his own words:

“No, Google didn’t hire me nor did they extend an offer to me. That’s right ladies and gentleman – the big G turned me down. Why you ask? I’ve thought a lot about it and in all honesty I don’t know why. Unfortunately Google didn’t tell me why I didn’t receive the job but in in their defense withholding that type of information is a pretty standard HR practice amongst large corporations.

Maybe it was my personality? Maybe it was my GPA? Maybe I answered a question wrong? Maybe I presented an incorrect solution to a theoretical problem? Maybe I didn’t do enough to verbalize my thought process? Maybe I posted something on my blog they didn’t like? From day one of my campaign I told you all I wasn’t entitled to a job at Google just because I dug into my savings and created a campaign for them. At the end of the day they judged me on the same criteria they judge every other candidate on and I didn’t meet those criteria – plain and simple. Regardless of the reasoning behind Google’s decision, I fully respect their choice and think no less of them. Google has great people and great products. Everyone at Google was nothing but kind to me – from the employees that e-mailed me with good luck wishes to the recruiters that made me sweat during my interviews.

So am I upset that Google rejected me? Honestly no, I’m not upset at all. The primary goal of my campaign was to land my dream job and the fact of the matter is that I’m now happily working at my new dream job in San Francisco. My secondary goal was to get Google to give me a call and a shot at an interview. Well, they called and gave me an interview and I’m indebted to them for giving me the opportunity to prove myself despite that the fact it didn’t lead to an offer.

Most importantly though the purpose if this campaign was to prove to myself that I’m a marketer and I did just that. No company or person can take that away from me.”

In the end he decided to work in a start-up based in San Francisco, called SigFig. I honestly believe that he made the right choice: “I can tell you I woke up happy to go to work and I went home even happier.“. G’luck!

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